Sabong online How to Play?

Sabong online How to Play?

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Sabong (Cockfight) is a blood sport that is a traditional entertainment practiced almost everywhere in the world. If Spain is synonymous with bullfighting, it will be synonymous with the Philippines. Sabong is one of the most nationalized gambling activities in the Philippines. As far as Filipinos are concerned, chickens are playthings that are cheapest and most easy to get.  The arenas are everywhere, from rural to urban areas. It has taken place in cockpits. Cockfighting is often seen as a bloody affair and almost always ends in the death of one of the chickens. However, Sabong has become a part of the culture. The primary purposes of gambling and entertainment. Sabong Online already brings big bucks in real life. 

With the development of technology, online cockfighting is no longer limited by space and venue. It is affwinfordbetordable and immediate, a sellable diversion for the country’s video game generation. It is one of the hottest topics these days among many residents of the Philippines. Still, the Sabong Online industry’s rapid-fire rise is also the story of ruined lives and dependence and a haul-of-war with controllers from international animal rights groups.

When two ferocious roosters are placed in an enclosed pit, they will peck and bite each other fiercely. To kill the opponent, cocks will have blades strappedwinfordbet to their legs. These roosters are bred to become more aggressive to make the fights more exciting. Fighting chickens are given hormone injections from birth by breeders. If the cocks get tired, people will spray water at them to wake them up to fight! Regardless of how exhausted or injured they become during a fight, the roosters can't escape from the fighting pit. A typical Sabong can last from a few minutes to more than half an hour and usually results in the death of one or both roosters. The victorious rooster will survive and wait to face the next fight after three months.

History of online Sabong in the Philippines

There is a classic question: "When a house is on fire, who should be saved first?" And the Filipino cockfighting enthusiasts also gave the answer: "Save the rooster first." This answer is a clear proof of the fact that for Filipino men, the real "competition" for their wifes is the rooster.

Sabong online, or eSabong is an established tradition in the Philippines that dates as early as six thousand years ago. There is no entertainment in the Philippines that is as historical and popular as Sabong. The basic operation of the game is to place two roosters in the arena and bet on which of the two will win. Regulations for cockfighting in cockpit arenas are regulated by the Local Government Unit concerned. It's sanctioned and regulated by the government of the Philippines.

Do you know how to raise champion chickens?

This article will present to you how various game chicken breeds in this article are powerful and seem beautiful. If you want to have a satisfactory fighting cock, you must choose from the parent chickens. The mother hen must be a chicken with a good tone, the father must be a champion and win many battles. Each part of raising a chicken is elaborate. The food they eat and the environment they live in are points. Not all chickens are suitable for fighting. Chicken breeders know how to choose more muscular and more robust breeds.

Fighting Chickens needs a special diet to preserve the strength and endurance of the cocks bred for this reason. When providing your fighting chicken with the essential nutrients and vitamins they need to boost and maintain their health. It is critical to choose high-quality maize, grain, and feed. The chicken feed includes yogurt and eggs, as protein is an important source of nutrients for muscle building. Each meal is calculated to contain 15% protein. The vitamins will help the chicken's feathers to be smooth and shiny. Chicken breeders control the size and weight of their chickens to prevent them from getting too fat.

Each chicken has its room where corn husks are placed to train their feet to grasp the ground. Besides, to train the rooster's wing muscles to be stronger, chicken breeders will place a hen in the next room. Why? The rooster will try to fly because they want to see those beautiful hens.

The point to winning online cockfights.

The main factor for winning a cockfight is the battle-worthiness of the chickens. The value of chickens depends on the owner's training method, feed, environment, and competition experience. It is mainly the experience of cockfighting competition. If you are a rookie, you can select a rooster which has a higher historical victory rate. You can easily deduce the winner from the collected information based on the real-time game when they get started. Before the fight starts, you can consider how the rooster uses its beak, jumps, and flies during the fight. In addition, you should also check the rooster’s feathers. A cock with the shiny feathers means it is well-fed. The last one is the most important to recognize the well and health conditions of the chicken. We advise not to choose the chicken that is not good in conditions because they can spoil your whole game. The one has to select the chickens carefully if they want to play the quality match and do the healthy find with the opponent player.

How popular is online Sabong in the Philippines?

Online Sabong has also become popular with the development of the Internet. The pandemic provided great timing because many Filipinos are gamblers and they were stuck at home getting bored. It is said, online Sabong in the Philippines is as hot as Brazilian soccer and American baseball or British rugby matches. Online Sabong has been on a steady rise in popularity in the Philippines. The wagers can reach billions of dollars. The gambler can easily play it at any time, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Interestingly, it has managed to withstand the test of time until it has upgraded into the digital world. In the Philippines, Sabong online is one of the most popular activities. There are two cockfighting arenas in Manila, all bets are also legal. The Philippines also hosts the World Slasher Cup every year, inviting cockfighting teams from Asia and the United States to compete. It's the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines.

It’s a way to kill time for some Filipinos. However, it may be another way to earn extra income for someone. Some veterans have been playing for a long time, so they already know different ways to approach success. They even know enough to recoup their losses.
If you are a novice, relying on luck alone is not enough. All you need are some helpful tips to develop your online sabong winning strategy. You will have more chances to win the game and prizes.

The new form of cockfighting betting, online Sabong, is faster, safer and more convenient! Online Sabong is a legal gambling item in the Philippines, and people have loved it for a long time. The prize for winning a game of cockfighting is even more than our average monthly salary. The real Sabong betting was temporarily suspended in 2020 due to covid-19.

A new type of cockfighting competition was born - online cockfighting. Online Sabong allows players to place bets through live online streaming without leaving home, just by using their smartphones. Online sabong payment methods are safer, faster and more secure for players.

How to play and win Online Sabong?

Online Sabong gaming companies must have a legal license to operate in order to broadcast live cockfighting races. You can play all cock fighting tournaments around the world and not just in the same market. You will meet the types of cock you have never seen before right before your eyes though you just play it online. All people can play this game easily through online betting sites.

  1. Search for "online Sabong" to find a gaming platform that offers online cockfighting. Compared to real cockfighting, you only need to register a gambling platform and deposit your wallet via GCASH or other ways.
  2. Pick a good betting odds and you'll be ready to win the chicken prize.

On the other hand, regulation of online sabong or eSabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation pursuant to the PAGCOR Charter which fact was clarified by the Office of the Solicitor General and the Department of Justice. No person other than those licensed by PAGCOR and other Government agencies may operate gambling in the Philippines.

Tips & tricks to win online Sabong.

Here are five tips to help you win the online Sabong.

  1. Bet After Leaning 
    Being a rational player, you should take all your time to research well before, especially if money is involved. If you don't have enough experience, you can practice at some sites which offer free games. In the beginning, novice players are less familiar with the fighting power of chickens than master players. 
    Therefore, when you have made your decision, start with small bets. Don't hurry. You can gradually increase the number of bets you place. As a result, you don't lose all of your money in just one game.
  2. Save your time & money 
    This is one of the most important reasons why many people choose to bet on online cockfights instead of traditional ones. It's fair for everyone. Even new players will not suffer any loss of funds or personal safety. Online Sabong has open and transparent rules and historical competition data, allowing players who participate online to enjoy VVIP services. They are not available in traditional cockfighting. So betting online is really beneficial in earning huge and that too easily.
  3. Look at The Appearances of the Cock 
    This may seem like an obvious one. Before the beginning of a fight, you will be offered the opportunity to see the appearance of the rooster, agility, and strength. To see how they jump and fly. You can learn a lot by watching how they fight. It’s important to pay attention to the fighting strategies of cocks. This information can be very helpful when choosing a gamecock.
  4. Betting Odds 
    The odds of cockfighting are different. It depends on the chicken breeds and chicken breeders, similar to NBA and FIFA popular sports events. Popular teams, the strength of the team affects the sports betting bonuses. Each cockfighting game has different odds. Similar odds mean that both teams have similar fighting strength. High odds mean that if you've placed a bet, you'll win a high payout; and low odds mean that if you've placed a bet, you'll win a lower payout.
  5. Choose a reputable online Sabong website. 
    You only need a phone number to join the game online.Fill in your name and phone number on the registration page. It may ruin your Sabong experiences when you choose the wrong casino. Not all online casinos are equal. You can check this by researching an online casino guide to ensure you can get an enjoyable experience.  Place your bets and withdraw your winnings through the secure gaming platform trading system (please see the gaming platform specifications for details)

The trend of online cockfighting

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people around the globe. It changes in the way we live, work, travel, pay and protect ourselves. Spending patterns are starting to change; rather, it will be creating a new normal. The gaming industry has also extended from physical to online.
At first, many people were not optimistic about online cockfighting, because you can't feel the sensory stimulation at the scene. It also absent social interactions. However, the online Sabong has more clear and complete rules, odds, and introductions. The number of bets and players in online cockfighting is increasing every day. Online cockfighting provides a platform where anyone can place a bet safely. The payment mechanism is safer and quicker than the traditional one.


Bullfighting in Spain has become part of Spanish culture. The same can be said for sabong in the Philippines. It has a deep cultural history. Online Sabong is not only legal in the Philippines but also a national obsession. Cockfighting has been called the country’s national pastime. As the Sabong Industry finally makes the transition to online, the legendary blood sport has evolved once again. The online Sabong betting game is made easier.

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